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Our Privacy Policy

At 7daycarinsurance.co.uk we are completely committed to your privacy and the preservation of it. Any interaction that we have with you will be incomplete compliance with the United Kingdom Data Protection Act of 1998 and our intention is to match the very highest standards of privacy in the way that we handle personal information.

Our use of the information that we obtain from you

(1) We have procedures in place to protect any information that we receive from you, and keep it confidential.
(2) We have active procedures in place to keep your data safe from access by anyone who has not got permission to do this.

Consent that you give us

By sending information to us, in the way of emails, telephone calls or other means of communication, you expressly agree that we can hold and process this information for the purposes of giving you a better service and improving our website.

Third party data

If any of the information that you provide us with concerns other parties it will be necessary for you to 1st of all seek permission from these parties before sending us such information.

Disclosure of your information

We will not disclose any information that you provide us with to any other third party unless:

(1) We have good reason to believe that there is a risk of loss or harm to you, ourselves, or any other third party unless we do so.
(2) We are legally obliged to do so by having an order from a court of the United Kingdom, or any other legal system that has authority over us.

Processing of data

We do not process any data which can personally identify our visitors.

Getting in touch with you

We may use the personal data that you have provided us with contact you if we honestly believe that by doing so you will benefit. We will not use this information for marketing purposes; we hate spam as much as everyone else.

Withdrawal of your consent

If you do not wish us to contact you any further please let us know by email and we will delete your personal details from our computer system.

Your right to access data

The Data Protection Act of 1998 gives you the right to inspect any personal data that any company holds about you. The act also stipulates that an administration fee can be charged with this.

If you wish to have a copy of the data that we hold about you please email us in the first instance. We will then provide you with this data upon payment of a fee of £10. We will require two forms of identification, such as photocopies of your driving licence, passport or utility bills.

Alterations to this policy

We may alter this policy at any time if we are required to do so by changes of legislation or any other factor. We reserve the right to do this and it would be advisable for you to revisit this page on subsequent visits to ensure that the policy is still acceptable to you.

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