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Please take careful note of these terms and conditions, since they stipulate your permission to use our website. By making further use of our site you accept that you agree to all these terms and conditions. You further agree that you will avoid any actions which damages or disrupts this website, or causes harm or inconvenience to other users of this site.


In this document the terms 'us'; 'we'; or 'our' refer to Prudent Plus Limited, it's owners, editors or contributors.

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We may alter these terms at our absolute discretion in the future, so it is advisable that you revisit this page on all future visits. You acknowledge that if you fail to do so you will automatically accept the new terms and conditions.

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Ownership of this site

The owner of this site is Prudent Plus Limited, Booths Park, Chelford Rd, Knutsford WA16 8GS, company number 10104295.

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This website is designed for entertainment purposes only.

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We reserve the right to take this website down at any time; to fail to update it; or to abandon it completely. You accept therefore that you will not rely upon this website in any way.


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You agree that we do not accept liability for any adverse consequences that you may suffer as a result of visiting this website.

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This website is designed to be used by visitors from the United Kingdom and so the court system of the United Kingdom is the only one that has any jurisdiction over us.

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